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Our Product

S&M Electronics Provide Service and Calibration for Aerosol Photometers and Aerosol Generators manufactured by TEC Services and others on the market.
Please see below for our range of equipment. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can help guide you to the correct equipment that’s right for you.

S&M COMPACT condensation Aerosol Generator

  • Precision machined heat-exchanger & world’s only S&M Nebulizer© gives 50% more efficiency than any other generator.

  • Eco-friendly, CO2 gas bottles and oil last longer

  • Unique Nebuliser provides unrivalled stable upstream concentrations.

  • Custom built heavy-duty case.

  • Total weight 7.5Kg.

NEW PH-4 DIGITAL Aerosol Photometer

  • On-board microprocessor, fullyauto-ranging

  • New on-screen menu. World’s most simple to operate Photometer

  • No more zero or span dials.

  • Metal optical-chamber with blue LED,unparallel accuracy and stability with 20000hrs lifespan.

  • Total Weight 9.1kg

PH-5 Digital Aerosol Photometer

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  • The PH-5 digital photometer offers the smallest size and weight in a rack or cart mount version of any photometer available today

  • Comes with Heavy-Duty Carry Case

  • Weight: 8.2Kg (Excluding carry case)

S&M SCIENTIFIC condensation Aerosol Generator

  • Internal gas-bottle and regulator.

  • Ideal for ultimate portability

  • Same efficiency & output as S&M compact.

  • Total Weight 14Kg

S&M Positive Injection Pump

  • Large Blower supplied with adjustable Pipe-Fittings

  • Max Pressure 100mbar

  • Max Flow 73m³/hr

  • 13.1Kg

Laskin Aerosol Generator AG-A1

  • Utilizes 4 Laskin Nozzles.

  • For use in 540 - 5,400 CFM

  • 7.5Kg

  • Operates on compressed air.