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About Us

S&M Electronics Limited was established in 1991.  The driving force of our organisation is the passion for what we do and the professional excellence we deliver. Having achieved UKAS Accreditation to ISO 9001:2015, we are proud to be leaders in the manufacturing and calibration of HEPA filter testing equipment.   We are pioneers in the multi-point calibration technique, far in excess of that of ISO 14644-3 and we provide worldwide sales, service and technical support for all our customers and industry professionals. We also manufacture and provide gold standard equipment for filter Integrity Leak testing.


At S&M Electronics we strive to deliver the highest degree of accuracy and precision. We provide precision calibration from 100-0.0001ug/l up to 22 points which exceeds all known international standards. We provide very detailed calibration certification, along with comparison to our calculated results if requested.  We are committed to providing 24/7 worldwide technical support and high-quality on-site service & calibration. 

We value our staff and therefore we have maintained a consistent team of high performance, professional and excellent engineers.  We have the highest respect and integrity with our partners and customers and therefore have built collaborative and strong long-term relationships with them all.

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